HUVR: Secure and Scalable Drone Data Analytics Platform for a Complete Industrial Asset...

HUVR: Secure and Scalable Drone Data Analytics Platform for a Complete Industrial Asset Inspection

CIO VendorBob Baughman, Co-founder & CEO
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, have made their presence felt through their ability to reduce costs and perform tasks that are humanly unsafe and unmanageable. Especially in the oil and gas industry, drones have become a prime mechanism for on and offshore infrastructure inspection. Specializing in complete drone-based inspection and data analysis services, HUVR provides a solution to transform the industrial asset inspection landscape. The company has partnered with Google and Intel to offer a complete data analytics and storage SaaS solution for its customers. HUVR’s SaaS data analytics platform is a reliable and scalable platform for drone-based inspections as well as for collecting and examining data from non-drone inspected assets like pumps, valves, and generators. “Our uniqueness lies in unifying the data sets collected by drones, human technicians and other automated data collection systems to provide a comprehensive inspection and actionable data of the infrastructure,” says Bob Baughman, Co-founder & CEO, HUVR.

HUVR holds the credit of developing a full-stack solution for industrial asset inspection—collecting data via Intel’s industry leading F8+ drone platform, categorizing the data based on defects, generating customized reports and delivering actionable data analytics via its partnership with Google. The data comprises aerial images and videos of defects of industrial assets—those that the human eye fails to spot—along with data gathered from technicians on the ground. These defects may vary depending on the infrastructure: for instance, a defect in pipelines is naturally different from that in a flare stack. More often than not, organizing such heterogeneous data turns out to be a herculean task. This is where HUVR’s Data Ingest Software comes into play, drawing on its inherent tools—cloud and local based ImageFlow and xPad-based InspectFlow.

HUVR SaaS tools combine drone data with technician-collected data for a complete asset inspection

ImageFlow classifies images pertaining to their defect categories and labels them to the customers’ specifications whereas InspectFlow enables technicians to collect non-drone inspected data for a thorough asset inspection.

Once all the data is ingested into HUVR's Data Management Vault, HUVR’s report generator can generate any type or style report the client specifies. In addition, HUVR's Data Management Vault offers its clients a secure, IT-friendly place to store an infinite amount of data which is backed up to whatever method the clients’ IT departments specify. The final piece of HUVR’s SaaS tools is a powerful analytics tool that allows clients to look across thousands of inspections, providing customized views to summarize information to make data-driven operations decisions via predictive analytics.

The cloud platform designed by HUVR is highly cost-effective and offers clients a comprehensive and secure software database that they can manage and control. “Once our clients decide to license our software, they get access to a private-labeled platform to manage all portions of their data for internal and external service providers,” Baughman remarks.

In the context of HUVR’s customer-focused services, Baughman recalls an instance where HUVR had been instrumental in resolving a major inspection-related problem faced by one of its early clients. The client was performing inspections via manual methods using software automation tools available today. Once they switched to HUVR’s SaaS tools, the productivity gain alone resulted in a three month full ROI. In addition, the client’s technicians reported that by resorting to HUVR’s high-performance solutions they could recover hours of menial and routine paper work which ultimately led to higher job satisfaction and made them more productive.

HUVR’s platform is in production today delivering real cost savings and efficiencies across many industrial clients.