Redlist: A Touchpoint Where Humans And Equipment Connect

Redlist: A Touchpoint Where Humans And Equipment Connect

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John Keller, President, RedlistJohn Keller, President
Industry 4.0 is bringing a new phase of opportunities to defining control in workflows, value creation, and optimization of assets and resources for oil and gas companies. But as the world quickly trends towards wearable technology, augmented reality, and connected sensors, there exists a glaring need for an improved 'human-machine interface' in the oil and gas sector. Even though many solution providers are in a neck and neck race to cater to a connected world, many are still striving to bring together people and technologies to create collaborative, safe, and productive environments. Enter Redlist, a cloud-based mobile-ready platform envisioned to serve as a foreground for seamless and streamlined cooperation between humans, equipment, sensors, and the software behind it.

"Redlist is a product that is built by field technicians for field technicians. During the initial days, our founding team discovered similarities existed in terms of the technology needs and gaps in both small and global-sized corporations. We leveraged those insights to build a mobile-first, field-first software that is not only customizable but also simple for the users working in the field," says John Keller, President, Redlist. The Utah-based organization pioneered the 'field-centric vs accounting-centric models' in their offerings to help users in the oil and gas field to break down the silos and barriers within the same division or departments by capturing and sharing real-time data in the most appropriate and digestible format. "The idea is to reduce data gaps between teams, managers, stakeholders and machines by delivering production, safety and maintenance on the same platform," expresses Keller. "We understand the power of data and how to use it, especially at the intersection where humans and equipment meet."

Available as subscription-based software, Redlist is positioned as a reliable extension of the company's partnerships and services to help clients take full advantage of the connected world. The cutting-edge platform can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the customers' existing ERP or asset management systems like SAP or IBM Maximo.

Our goal has always been about making it easy for people to work with the solutions and equipment to help them focus better on what matters the most in field operations and workflow

"Redlist as a core offering CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) tool is also available on a per-user model on a monthly subscription basis or based on the number of sensors the customers want to connect. Our overall intent is to empower customers with a product that can best accommodate their needs," says Keller.

In one instance, an upstream gas field was aiming to extend the shelf life of their generators and compressors in their field. The customer had to collate tremendous amounts of information on what is going on with different stakeholders operating in the field. They deployed simple processes using the Redlist digital solution to capture and automate appropriate information on work orders, tasks, field equipment, and inventory. The Redlist platform also helped generate timely reports that provided insights on the best methods to maintain and manage inventory and assets. Within two months of using the Redlist platform, the upstream gas field's maintenance manager reported automation of more than 25 hours of his weekly service that helped him focus better on achieving field goals.

Redlist also boasts several sub-products, including Digital Forms, a full suite of production tools and more. The Digital Forms allows both online and offline data capture through smartphones to help users adopt paperless, fully-digital workflow processes. The CMMS tools help optimize work with the reliability side of things. The production tool allows field service providers to provide better service to their customers, get paid faster, and bring a degree of conformity and uniformity between customers, companies and contractors working on field projects.

"Our goal as the providers of the Redlist platform has always been about making it easy for people to work with their teams and equipment, so they can better focus on what matters in their field operations," adds Keller. For the future, Redlist plans on partnership expansions and extending their platform in different languages to support an international user base. "We anticipate a world where we are working in tandem with different OEMs and their customers to close the gaps in their human-machine interfaces and to deliver a seamless and empowering experience," concludes Keller.

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John Keller, President

A provider of cloud-based, mobile-first, field-first platform aimed to connect and bridge data gaps between field managers, teams and machines