Technical Toolboxes: A Digital Makeover in the Pipeline

Technical Toolboxes: A Digital Makeover in the Pipeline

Martin Fingerhut, President & CEO, Technical ToolboxesMartin Fingerhut, President & CEO
A massive rig drills into the unforgiving conditions of subsurface realms, fitted with sophisticated and costly equipments that consume massive amounts of power, in search of the elixir of economy—crude oil, or as we know it, ‘liquid gold’. The raw power of the drill rig stands in stark contrast with delicate sensing instruments fitted all over it, to capture a wide variety of data—thermal, pressure, flow volume, geological, and precision dimensions—not just for the production, but for the transmission of the produce and its processing. The petabytes of data being channeled through is of great importance to inspection and maintenance engineers, who need to manage equipments, raw material and pipelines. Without a cognitive integrating platform, all this data is just an incoherent essay of 1s and 0s.

One of the largest oil producers in the Middle East was going through this predicament, before they met Technical Toolboxes. Engaging with the client, Technical Toolboxes designed and implemented a single platform that tied together corporate engineering data, proprietary databases, and legacy tools that would leverage live data from the field and provide transparency across multiple disciplines for the support of a collaborative working environment. The growing list of such solutions designed and implemented by Technical Toolboxes’ consultants range from the pipeline flow assurance platforms, all the way through ESP optimization, virtual metering, well test validation, and production allocation. The all-round effort directs towards digital oilfield optimization—a way to enable oilfields to respond to the much bigger market challenges of talent dearth and f luctuating price and demand. “Technical Toolboxes’ strategy to strengthen its position at the forefront of the pipeline community coupled with its market leading technical tools places it in a unique position to deliver value and knowledge leadership to its clients and industry as a whole,” says Martin Fingerhut, President and CEO of Technical Toolboxes.

Technical Toolboxes’ strategy to strengthen its position at the forefront of the Pipeline Community

The company has been delivering technical software tools to the oil and gas business for over twenty years, offered as ‘skyBoxes’ for the Cloud, PC, tablets and mobile devices.

The Petroleum skyBox is a cloud-based platform that enables a confederate approach to engineering analysis of oil production systems. The platform’s tools are standalone assets, supporting interoperability and global co-ordination of activities, allowing the user to share data, algorithms, and workflows, and also act as basic building blocks for more complex models. The Process skyBox contains ‘API Toolbox Enterprise’ that can be used by inspection engineers on-field or at the desk to execute analysis of the plants’ operations and create highly automated, comprehensive, and accurate reports. Pipeline skyBox— the earliest software toolkit provided by the company in 1996—is used to detect anomalies in downstream transmission, like internal corrosion, In-Line-Inspection (ILI), and f low assurance modeling & analysis; including pipeline leak detection.

Technical Toolboxes has been envisaging novel methods to shake up and standardize the pipeline industry ever since its inception, as a part of the avant garde digital oilfield revolution. The certitude is evident when one reads the ‘Rusty Comics’ designed by the company’s artists, featuring Joe Pikas, more commonly known by his CB Radio handle Joe ‘Rusty’ Pipes—the wise old man in the industry with close to half a century of experience. Today, he stands as the mascot to the pipeline industry revolution and the company’s proposition to provide engineering software ‘Toolboxes’ for better standardization, and training of their technical professionals.