Top 10 Digital Oil Field Solution Companies - 2017

Top 10 Digital Oil Field Solution Companies - 2017

The oil and gas industry today is largely being influenced by the growing influx of digital revolution. The road to industry adoption of digital oil field technologies began as early in 1976, establishing the foundation with integrated flow modeling, and subsequently evolving to advanced software and data analysis techniques to improve profitability.

Today, there are tools that can more accurately analyze the mounting volumes of field data. From sophisticated down-hole multiphase sensors, measurement-while-drilling (MWD) applications, multilateral completions, and down-hole separation, these tools tackle the unique challenges in the oil and gas sector head-on, harnessing the benefits of digital oil field technologies. It is a potent mechanism that will address numerous demands for sustaining and developing unique asset portfolios, which will close the supply gap by accelerating employee productivity, operational efficiency and production optimization.

In the past few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts, along with Energy CIO Insight’s editorial board reviewed and shortlisted the top companies that are at the forefront of digital oil field market. In this edition of Energy CIO Insights, we present to you “Top 10 Digital Oil Field Solution Providers 2017,” featuring companies that deliver cutting edge technology to redefine oil field operations and management.

    Top Digital Oil Field Solution Companies

  • Blue River Analytics helps upstream oil and gas production companies create competitive advantage by developing advanced visual and predictive analytic tools

  • Provides cloud platform for drone inspection while also analyzing data extracted from non-drone inspected assets

  • Provides a platform and solutions for 3D Asset Integrity Management to companies in the process industries worldwide

  • Provider of cloud based cost-management solutions for oil and gas industry

  • Delivers cloud-based software ‘toolkits’ for inspection and maintenance engineers for production, process and pipeline management, apart from training and consultancy

  • 3gig


    Delivering a Smart Process Application platform designed to help improve the effectiveness of unstructured, un-automated, and human-based collaborative business activities and processes

  • ChaiOne


    Providing highly optimized digital solutions, enabling streamlined business processes, customer journey experiences and strategic decision-making

  • Moxa


    Delivers a full spectrum of quality products for industrial networking, computing, and automation, maintaining a distribution and service network that reaches customers in over 70 countries

  • OleumTech


    Provider of M2M communications and industrial automation solutions, in the oil and gas production, refining/petrochemical, water/wastewater and other industries

  • Unconventional Capital

    Unconventional Capital

    Creates a digital oilfield strategy encompassing software and hardware tools to create integrated workflows that enhance production and reduce costs