Micotan Software Company: Provides Integrated Software for Well-lifecycle Management

Micotan Software Company: Provides Integrated Software for Well-lifecycle Management

Chris McPhee, President, Micotan Software CompanyChris McPhee, President
With the evolution of oil and gas industry, different software technologies have developed to address problems in engineering and operations applications such as reservoir simulation technology and daily field report technology. These software applications overlap in some aspects of the well life cycle and leave gaps in other areas which disrupts the balance between agility and control. Thus the Alberta based company, Micotan Software incorporates the latest technological trends of mobility and cloud computing into their Digital Oil field Solutions, as much of the legacy infrastructure in large companies does not easily support mobile access or integration with modern cloud-based technologies.“Micotan’s Generwell and Whelby software helps to bridge the gaps in the well life cycle and employs such security and control mechanisms which CIOs require in their companies,” begins Chris McPhee, President, Micotan Software Company.

The firm’s Generwell product is a configurable oil and gas software application that allows clients to easily identify source systems of record. This software application captures the life of an oil well from the initial prospect location that an exploitation geologist identifies through the planning, execution, production, and final abandonment of the asset. With the presence of a corporate repository, clients can access all the information about the wells that can be used at any point during the asset’s life cycle. Generwell is about more than just data management as it includes email notifications, automated workflow, and integrated scheduling.“With Generwell, clients can track the information that is important for them to manage, while integrating with the operational systems so that there is only one source system of record for each piece of information,” says McPhee.

Another product offered by Micotan is the Whelby Oilfield Monitoring software suite that provides easy and up-to-date access to oilfield activity. The Whelby Hit Lists are personalized daily and weekly e-mails that provide both summary and detail data for the user’s area of interest.

Micotan’s Generwell and Whelby software helps to bridge the gaps in the well life cycle and employs such security and control mechanisms that CIOs require in their companies

In addition to the Whelby Hit List, the firm offers the Whelby Decision Cube which is a software application consisting of the Whelby data which is provided via an online pivot table software application. It updates the clients with information relating to oilfield activity and also enables analytical users to examine the data by a variety of dimensions. Apart from such core products, the firm also offers consulting services to support clients for both the software.

In 2012, Noble Energy, a petroleum and natural gas exploration company utilized Generwell to replace their several Microsoft databases and spreadsheets. “Our software was capable of creating a data repository which ensured a complete asset management,” states McPhee.

Micotan’s latest development effort is an iOS Generwell companion application which integrates with the clients’ existing Generwell software and fully leverages all of the desktop configuration, making it a very easy plug-and-play operation to add mobility to their existing Generwell system. The firm’s innovative approach with customers is collaborative, including collecting feedback from prospective clients and putting forth ideas to fulfill their requests. “For new feature development, we have a light-weight functional specification or prototype approach to test our ideas and then we consult our clients using the specification, prototype, or alpha release to make sure that we are on the right track,” remarks McPhee.

Forging ahead, Micotan plans to expand and evolve both the Generwell and Whelby products to employ mobile accessibility and cloud-friendly technologies. “We continue to develop new areas of functionality in our Generwell product to assist our clients in fully managing the well life cycle from prospect through abandonment, including integrated scheduling, reporting, and automated workflow,” concludes McPhee.

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Micotan Software Company


Chris McPhee, President

The company delivers easy and up-to-date access to oil-field activities through their two software solutions